Exploring Delhi Local Food….!!


Exploring Delhi Local Food….!!


I’ve been in Delhi for a long time now. I work in the corporate sector which means office trips, parties and regular hangouts with my colleagues. A pretty fun yet busy life, indeed. My hectic schedule doesn’t really allow me to give enough time to myself. My days revolve around meetings and reaching deadlines. And by Friday night, all I desperately need is some quality self-time; a bit of shopping or just a lazy day on the bed with a book in my hand.

This Saturday, my partner and I, we decided not to just hang around in the house staring at the television screen and rather step out and go on a local food exploration trip on the streets of Delhi. We delhites have big hearts and appetites even bigger than that, without a doubt! There’s absolutely no place better than Delhi when it comes to amazing and authentic cuisines. What really captures the essence of the city is the street food that only gets better at discovering the city.

1) Tikki
Bittoo Tikki Walla, famously known as BTW, whose original outlet is at Rani Bagh has the
best-tasting tikkis that Delhi can offer. Over the years, it has opened several outlets across the town and has built a huge fan base. At just a price of 75 bucks, it captures your taste buds and you keep going back there to satisfy them.


2) Paranthas of Paranthe Wali Gali
With locally sourced ingredients and spices, these paranthas of the Paranthe Wali Gali at
Chandni Chowk are made with whole wheat flour, stuffed and then deep-fried. The air in
here is filled with chaos and the tempting aroma of desi ghee. The stores remain open from 9am to 11pm and the paranthas cost somewhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 65. These are
definitely the most delicious paranthas you can ever come across. Your lips can’t resist from curling up into a smile every time you stop by.


3) Chole Bhature
If you’ve ever had it, you exactly know what a wonder it is! Unlike any other food item on the streets of Delhi, chole bhature is divine. There’s no place other than Delhi where you can find such mouth-watering chole bhatures. And Sitaram Diwan Chand at Paharganj gives you the right experience of it at just an amount of Rs. 55 per plate containing 2 bhaturas, salad, pickles and a bowl full of chole. The shop operates from 8am to nearly about 6pm for its costumers to enjoy a great breakfast and lunch.


4) Momos
When it comes to street food, how can one not mention momos? The momos at Dolma
Aunty’s can make you go weak in the stomach! Started in the early 90’s, its the first ever
momo stall that was established in the busy streets of Lajpat Nagar by Dolma Tsering, fondly known as Dolma Aunty. Today she sells eight momos per plate at just Rs. 50. It’s certainly the yummiest momos one can ever have in the city.


We enjoyed this local food hope you also do the same. We will be back with some more interesting food items till then stay tuned…!!!


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