Planning to have a Quick trip for a weekend?


Planning to have a Quick trip for a weekend?

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If you’re planning for a quick weekend trip from Delhi, Here is one of the best and Nearest place that you should explore. You guess it right! Rishikesh it is! Winter is my favorite season. After all who does not like cozy blankets, snowfall, hot coffee and comfortable winter clothes? I totally love it. And guess what the best part of the season is? It’s traveling. We have done most of our trips and treks during this time
of the year and we were never disappointed. Well, in the recent years I have come to the realization that traveling neither comes with a set of rules, not a particular date and time. All you need is the zeal, the company, and the right plan. Everything else just happens with the flow.

Just like most of our plans, this was also an impromptu idea. A reached Delhi after a week-long office trip and I was actually feeling exhausted. But as usual, I had my man to my rescue and I am definitely blessed to have him on my side. So we wanted a short
escape from the city chaos and we chose the land of adventures this time. Yes, Rishikesh was supposed to be our home for the next two days. We did a quick packing, not leaving behind any essential. And now we’re set to sail (not literally). Luckily, the weather was
exceptionally good the following morning. We made our breakfast together, which is sort of a ritual now and sat in the car. It was a 6 hours journey and we reached our destination in the mid-day.

Another amazing thing about winter is that there’s no scorching summer heat.
We wanted this trip to be simple yet memorable. We booked a room for two nights in a nearby Dharamsala. We had our lunch and took rest for a while. The first place in our list was going to the Maharshi Yogi Ashram. We both had genuine love for Beatles and missing this place would have been no less than a sin. There is a calmness and tranquillity in the air. We sat there for some time and walked through the passage. Our next spot was Rishikund. The hot water spring is quite famous. We did not take a bath, but could not stop ourselves from dipping our hand in the pond. As we were planning
for our next spot, we could see the vivid colors in the sky. We stopped in a small shop to have hot tea and pulled over our jackets.

We then reached Triveni Ghat for the Maha Aarti. Triveni Ghat is where the three holy rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet.
And it has been also mentioned in sacred scriptures. The aarti of Ganga fills the atmosphere with some divine positivity. The chants, beating of drums and diyas; it is a sight to behold. We had the perfect evening. On our way back, we had our dinner at Amrit Ganga Bhujonalaya. Not the food was delicious but also budget friendly.
We woke up early next morning to go for a trek. Neer Garg, The waterfall is an amazing trekking destination in Rishikesh and it is not even a difficult trek. The waterfall was mesmerizingly beautiful and we had a cup of instant noodles while clicking on some photographs.

Then we walked through the Ram and Laxman Jhula which is quite famous and reached the Trayambakesswar temple. Founded by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the 12th century, this 13 storey temple is a holy shrine. Mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva along with other god and goddess, this temple is even an architectural marvel. It was already 1 pm as we stepped out of the temple and were quite hungry. The nearest restaurant was Chotiwala, which is interestingly one of the oldest restaurants in Rishikesh. We had a satisfying meal and went back to the Dharamsala. After taking rest, we got ready for river rafting.


Now, leaving Rishikesh without some thrill was a big no. I was doing river rafting for the first time, but I am extremely excited about it. And I have to agree, it was worth it. The next thing on the checklist was shopping. Yes, local shopping. Nothing beats walking down the street and picking up beautiful things. We went to a small cafe and had our supper. We reached Dharamsala, tired yet thankful for the adventure.


Rishikesh gave us plenty of memories and an invitation to visit again.

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