10 Travel Essentials


10 Travel Essentials

Had I known I was going to be quarantined the rest of this year, I would have taken that one last trip that I put on hold! I am sure all of us would have if we had any idea of what was coming for all of us. And now that things are getting better we are all geared up for the next trip that was at bay. Now no matter how excited you are, here is a short reminder of what not to forget in your hurry to hit the road!

Pack in that comfy pillow: No matter how you decide to travel, make sure you get one of those foldable pillows that fluff up real nice. Getting those extra hours of sleep while you are on your way will ensure you are all geared up when you reach the destination. Not just that, these can absolutely replace any uncomfortable pillows that the hotels have to offer and when you decide not to use them these can easily fit in any nook of your bag.

Slip a power bank on the go: With all the things that you need your cell phone for nowadays from music to navigation you need to have a backup for that battery of yours. Make sure you keep a power bank at hand while travelling so that the battery doesn’t come in the way of your adventure.

Sleeping bag or liner : Depending on the place that you are travelling to a sleeping bag or a simple sleeping bag liner comes in real handy when you need to stretch those tired bones after a long day. If it’s somewhere up in the hills, a sleeping bag is vital in case you plan to spend a night under the stars or in other cases a simple linen liner can snugly fit you in and ditch those dirty sheets of the motel you are stuck at.

Instant food and snacks: I cannot stress enough on the importance of dehydrated food. Throw in a box of those cup- noodles or quinoa and all you need to add is hot water. On other occasions make sure you keep a small snack box which has some nuts and seeds that will keep any hunger pangs at bay while travelling or if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. However it’s always best to try the local food of the place you are visiting but some flavoursome broth and those ramen noodles for that midnight snacker in you sounds like quite a deal.

First Aid kit: Now you don’t really need a big box with that Red Cross on it but a small pouch with basic medicines is a MUST for when you travel especially if you use an inhaler, now would be a good time to pack that too.. A band-aid , some beta-dine and some paracetamol is what we are recommending here. After all, that nasty headache can show up when you least expect it to.

Footwear that is comfortable: More than what’s in style, it’s important to consider items that are comfortable. This is absolutely an essential. No one enjoys a trip where their feet are killing them. Make sure you pack in those beach slippers or a pair of nice sturdy shoes for that trek. It’s important to figure out what shoes you are most comfortable in and stick to them while travelling.

Towel (preferably microfibre): Many a times you might just want to freshen up on the way and a towel that dries up pretty fast is exactly what we are looking for. Also you can say no to those hotel towels and make sure you stick to your own. Microfibre towels take up very less time to dry up which is a huge bonus point to consider here.

Packing cubes and a great bag pack: These are things you won’t regret investing in because no matter where you go it’s always a great idea to maximise your packing space with these cubes. A bag pack should be picked according to your travelling needs ( Decathlon makes some sensible ones that go a long way).

Headphones and a small speaker: Because what is life without music! Thanks to technology we have some great portable speakers the size of a size that can be carried around with no difficulty. Also a pair of earphones or headphones are a good choice to plug into music anytime you want.

Water bottle: While you are on the road you may not find packaged water everywhere. It’s always convenient to carry your own bottle around and if you can find one with a filter attached to it there is nothing better. Also these bottles can be filled up at any nearest stop that you find and you can avoid anything extra for bottled water. Now that you have all of these checked off on your packing list, don’t forget to pack your high spirits and good mood to top it all!

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