The superfood you need today- Chia seeds

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The superfood you need today- Chia seeds

Recently everyone is going all Ga-Ga over superfoods and for all the goods reasons too. One of the most popular food trends include the addition of chia seeds to our diet. Owing to their versatile nature, these humble seeds can be teamed up with pretty much everything from your morning porridge to your evening kale smoothie. Now here is why not just your favourite celebrity but also  you should be taking up chia seeds next.

Low calorie count:

Don’t just lose weight but lose it the healthy way with chia seeds. These seeds hardly take up any calorie count yet prove to be super filling. With just 134 calories in an ounce of chia seeds, they make a perfect snack for anyone whose keeping a tab on their calorie count. Storehouse of anti-oxidants: Talk about beautiful skin or a healthy body, antioxidants are everything.

However it becomes really difficult to include the same in our diet with all the junk we push down on ourselves. Eating just a handful of seeds soaked in water or milk gives you that supply of antioxidants that your body majorly lacks.

Healthy skin and hair:

Not just a fit body but chia seeds promote beautiful skin and hair too. It has become a popular ingredient in a lot of facial creams and serums owing to the its hydrating properties and at the same time internally promotes well being which results in those lustrously locks and you could be the envy of the town.

Protein packed:

Where do you go when your fitness trainer asks you to ingest protein but you aren’t a meat lover. Chia could be the answer as these seeds are packed with plant protein which is higher in comparison to other alternates in the plant category.

Promotes Heart Health:

The things we do for a good heart – from controlling on our oil intake to those early morning jogging and yoga sessions. Why not start off by popping a mouthful of chia seeds which are an excellent source of Omega-3 and Fiber which promote good cholesterol in the body resulting in lower triglycerides and reduced risk of heart diseases.

Energy Drink:

Start off your morning with a spoonful of these seeds soaked over night in water for an extra boost of energy to kick start your lazy day. The word ‘chia’ itself means strength and soldiers used to survive on just these seeds for power and energy back in the era. Look no further for an energy drink which is completely healthy and does you a world of good too.
Keeps sugar in check: Another reason to adopt these seeds in your diet is to keep the sugar fluctuations at bay as Chia also helps in keeping a check on insulin and further regularising the sugar spikes in your blood.


Look no further if you want to inject a dose of hydration not just in your skin for a youthful look but also in your body as these seeds can miraculously absorb 10 times their weight when soaked in water and are a natural way to keep your skin and body hydrated in summers.

Rich in Fiber:

If everything above wasn’t enough, these seeds are rich in Fiber too. Most of the calories in these seeds are Fiber too so they promote bowel movement in addition to the general well being internally.

Beauty Masks:

Mask some of these seeds and apply as a mask two times in a week. These seeds are an excellent source of hydration for topical purposes too. Moreover the mask is super easy to make so say hello to glowing skin.


There are a number of ways as to how you can eat these seeds as they fit in almost in every dish. The best way to take chia seeds is in your smoothies drink, cakes, porridge, juices or in snacks and munchies. Throw a handful of chia in anything you like as they don’t have any taste of their own and can be used as a thickening agent for bakery items and even in soups.

Sip away on your Chia drink all the way to goodness and see yourself loving it for all the innumerable
benefits it gives you inside out !

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