How Beetroot can make your skin and Health Delightful?


How Beetroot can make your skin and Health Delightful?

If there is one health drink I swear by it is the beet juice- packed in with antioxidants, vitamin C and Fiber make it a perfect drink for gorgeous skin and a healthy body. This beautiful coloured drink is a wholesome meal in itself and is devoid of any fat and calories. Now if you aren’t a fan of beets, these facts will change the way you think of them.

Detox time:

Much as important it is to supply the right nutrients to your body it is equally important to get rid of the accumulated toxins. Beets work as a great detox drink as it purifies the blood by drawing out the toxins and results in a healthier body and skin.

Glowing Skin:

One thing I personally swear by is how it makes your skin G.L.O.W! Just a glass of beet juice with some carrots and gooseberries makes an excellent tonic for the skin. You will see a visible difference within just one week of consumption – the pop of colour is all over your face!

Energy Drink:

Another reason to have a tall glass of beet drink in the morning is it gives your body the extra burst of energy by increasing the flow of oxygen. So all you sleepyheads who have a hard time coming out of your daze, mornings are the right time to consume this drink for a great start to your day.

Controls Sugar:

Now beetroots are a rich source of natural sugar however they have the tendency to release the sugar in a moderate manner which makes it an excellent regulator of blood sugar and keeps the sudden spikes for diabetic patients in check.

Blood Pressure:

Consuming beets has shown a significant improvement in lowering blood pressure within just a few hours! Talk about immediate results. One can either juice them out, cook them or just consume it in the form of a salad. However if you are looking forward to getting better results make sure you take your beets in the raw form.

Good for the Liver:

These roots are a rich source of a number of vitamins and folic acid which make it an excellent food for the liver’s health.They also prevent cell and tissue damage by balancing the free radicals in the body which in turn helps keep the liver healthy.

Brain Health:

Studies conducted reveal that consuming beetroot leads to lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease as it enhances the brain‘s health due to the presence of nitrates. Nitrates when converted to nitrate oxide by the body result in improved blood flow and
promote brain health.

Great for Digestion:

Since these vegetables are rich in Fiber, they are excellent for anyone needs an aid in digestion. Beetroot was originally grown by Romans first and since then it was used promote digestion.


Beetroots have antioxidants in abundance which help in reversing the signs of premature ageing, lead to faster cell generation and help with slowing down the free radical damage in the body which are a major contributor to ageing.

Topical Application:

The vegetable does pretty much an inside out job when consumed, however one can even use it topically for skin concerns. Beetroot powder is a popular Ingredient in many face packs nowadays. This veggie has skin brightening properties, helps
with skin tan and is also a favourite for treating pigmented lips.

The idea however is not to go over board with the use of anything. Beetroot If consumed in excess can prove to be harmful as they can cause renal stones and even stain urine. Anyone who already suffers from low blood pressure should seek medical advice before consuming beets regularly.

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