10 Foods that will stop your Hair-Fall !!!


10 Foods that will stop your Hair-Fall !!!

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There is just one alternate word for hair-fall- Scary! If you are in your late 20s or 30s and deal with hair-fall, then it is nothing short of a nightmare. Along with a number of topical applications one must eat right too as hair-fall is majorly caused by deficiency of important vitamins in the body which further lead to unhealthy, brittle hair and eventually result in hair loss. Here are some top picks which could naturally reverse the damage and increase your hair strength.

1.Flax Seeds:

Personally for me this is one food which is topping the charts when it comes to hair-fall. Tried and tested- eating just 2 spoons of flax seeds in a day consistently not only improves the texture of your health but considerably reduces hair-fall owning to the fact that these seeds are rich in Omega-3 which is one of main ingredient you should be focusing on when it comes to hair-fall.

2. Salmon:

Speaking of Omega-3, one of the best sources of obtaining the same is salmon. For all you fish lovers this is an absolute treat however one can always trade salmon for the store bought Omega-3 which is equally good and doesn’t make the vegetarians out there cringe.

3. Spinach:

Make a smoothie, a salad or go for a pan tossed bowl of spinach as these greens are rich in iron and vitamin C, both of which are building blocks for your hair.

4. Beets:

A glass of this bold pink juice can go a long way when it comes to hair-fall. Beets, a rich source of nitrates which are converted to nitrate oxide by the body, help in delivering oxygen and increase circulation for the hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

5. Eggs:

Eggs being a rich source of protein aid in hair growth and hair-fall reduction. Eggs have biotin in abundance which is the main vitamin associated with hair-fall. Taking biotin capsules also helps with hair-fall but it is best to go at it the natural way with an egg or two in a day.

6. Pulses:

All pulses including gram, chana etc are full of protein which makes all dals a necessary addition to our diet. They are also a rich source of biotin and iron which further supplement hair growth.

7. Nuts and seeds:

Including nuts like walnuts and almonds accompanied with seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and flax has proven to be especially effective for hair-fall as these nuts and seeds are rich in natural oils which are perfect supplements for hair health.

8. Curry Leaves:

Commonly used in flavourful curries and dips; these leaves are one of the best remedies to hair fall. One can topically use it in the form of oils and hair masks and if eaten, these leaves prove to be a natural detoxifier and source of antioxidants which do a world of good in controlling hair fall. One can even make a powder out of these leaves and gulp it down with some water on an empty stomach for best results.

9. Water:

Now this may not be the food you are looking for but drinking water is absolutely essential to make sure the body is healthy and hydrated at all times. One of the simplest reasons behind problematic skin and hair-fall is dehydration. Make sure you drink enough glasses of water to keep hair-fall at bay.

10. Fenugreek:

Another remedy I can personally vouch for is fenugreek. For me fenugreek is such a clear winner when it comes to hair-fall. One can see a major difference by just chugging down a glass of fenugreek water early morning on an empty stomach. There is a visible difference in the hair-fall and regular use of fenugreek can treat the condition like no other.

Apart from eating right it is essential that one also takes care of their hair the right way. A good diet coupled with exercise and the right products can be a stitch in time that saves nine. Little changes go a long way, so alter your diet and eat right !

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