Healthy Mid-Night Snack Ideas !!!


Healthy Mid-Night Snack Ideas !!!

When the midnight hunger pangs kick in, it’s hard to say no to that chocolate fudge ice- cream sitting in the refrigerator. Losing weight always comes at the cost of sacrificing one’s taste buds and snacking is a dream for many while on a diet. An alternate is to snack yet in a healthy way which isn’t all that bad with the options available at your disposal.

Masala Makhanas:

Addictive yet super low on calorie count, these make an ideal snack at all hours of the day. One can simply roast Makhanas (foxnuts) with an added pinch of your favourite spices or just rock salt. They are great with a cup of green tea or just snack up on some while you are binging on your favourite Netflix show.

Sweet Corn:

Simply boil a cup of sweet corn and add in some lemon juice with added salt and any spice of your choice that tantalises your taste buds. The delectable sweet taste with the tang of lemon makes it a tasty snack to attack right before dinner. Another variation is to chop up cottage cheese in fine chunks and add the same to the corn.

Sprouts Chilla:

When you are hungry but don’t want to settle for a handful of nuts you make a chilla and what’s better than to make it out of sprouts. Toss in some sprouts with green chillis and coriander. Add in some salt and water and grind everything together to form a paste. Make small chilas out of this and snack on a wholesome meal.

Oats Idli:

Instead of making it the traditional way, replace rice and lentils with Oats for a healthy version of Idlis. You can even add in some chopped beans and carrots to make the dish more colourful and tasty. These oats idlis are low on calorie yet high in protein. The veggies and the oats all come together to make a delicious meal right before the main course. Make them as you usually would, only difference being you can hog on them without any guilt !

Boiled chana chat:

Chanas or chickpeas are known for their great taste and protein content. Toss in a bowl of boiled chanas and chop up some cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, onions and whip up a street style chat topped with some lemon juice and coriander for the added
greens. This healthy version of your street chat has no added oil and is low on carbs.

 Home made ice cream:

Instead of settling for a tub of sinful chocolate chip ice cream loaded with tons of sugar, it’s pretty easy to churn some of your own ice cream with simply adding one fruit like strawberries and low fat milk. Churn everything together and freeze. You can
even dump in some strawberry chunks and enjoy a bowl of cold low fat ice cream with real fruit. You can repeat the same with some ripe bananas and even go ahead and add some sugar – free for added taste.

There is no reason why your gym diet should completely throw off your favourite foods. These are simple 2 minute recipes that are low on calorie and guilt- snack all you like now!

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