Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat!!!


Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat!!!

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The old school yoga has taken the world by storm and for good reason too. This ancient India practice is combining both physical and spiritual aspects of well being which is why a majority of people are turning towards yoga nowadays. If you are someone who wants to ditch the idea of a gym and yet work on your belly fat then this one is for you. Here are a few yoga postures that you could look forward to.

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1. Kumbhakasana:

Commonly referred to as the plank position which most of us are aware of for combatting belly fat and quite an easy one to begin with. Start by lying on your stomach and keeping the body straight. Start raising your body parallel to the floor with the support of your arms place flat on the ground. At the same time stretch out your feet in a way that you are on your toes. Start deep breathing and try to stay in the same position without moving focusing all your energy on the core of your stomach. This posture is particularly useful in strengthening your core as it tightens the stomach muscles as a result of which the lower and upper abdomen both are toned.

2. Vasisthasana:

Adding a little variation to the plank posture is the Vasisthasana, which is commonly understood to be a side plank. As you take the difficultly level a notch up, one needs to shift the body weight to one leg. Raise your arm and tilt your body making an angle in the air, making sure your entire weight is one the hand resting on the floor. One must continue to look up to avoid any strain and hold the position with deep breathing exercise for 30 seconds to a minute.

3. Bhujangasana:

An easy yet effective posture is the cobra yogic posture wherein one needs to lie down flat on their stomach. Start by raising your torso with the support of your hands till your back is bent backwards while your legs and feet are stretched out. While you lift your upper body make sure you take in deep breaths and slowly exhale once your hold the position for 30 seconds. The best way to accomplish this is to imagine that you are a snake who wants to lift his head up and you have the perfect image of what this yoga posture demands.

4. Paschimottanasana:

Easy in terms of posture but yet difficult to accomplish is this forward bending yoga pose. The simple layout of this aasan involves sitting with your back straight and with your legs stretched out. Start by leaning forward and touching your toes. However one might not to be able to reach the toes so it’s best to go out as far as your body allows you to. You can gradually work at bridging the difference over a period of time. Hold this position for 2-3 minutes and return to the original state.

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5. Navasana:

Referred to as the Boat aasan, this yoga posture helps you to focus on the abs hence toning your stomach and reducing belly fat. Start by sitting with your back straight on a flat ground. Slowly lift both your legs together and stretch your arms at the same time in front of you. One has to aim at forming a V and bending forward to touch the toes, balancing your entire
body on your hip muscles. This stretches the whole body and even aids in digestion. At the end of every yoga session it is advisable to end with Shavasana which is also called the corpse pose. Like the name suggests, one has to lie down on their back and let your body loose. The idea behind this posture is to relax any muscles which were tensed during the yoga session so as to bring the body back to its normal self.

No matter what you decide to try, it is advisable that you stick to consistency because that is the key
to achieving results!

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