COVID-19 India: India Records Highest Number of Daily Cases in the World


COVID-19 India: India Records Highest Number of Daily Cases in the World

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India’s count of new COVID-19 cases increased by a record-breaking number of 80,092 on Sunday, 30 th August, making India the first country in the world to cross the 80k mark in a single day since the onset of the pandemic.

The growth rate of both new infections and death toll rose in the last week of August after witnessing a dip in the earlier weeks of the month. The growth rate in fresh cases this week was at 13.1% almost triple the growth rate of 4.7% observed in the last week.

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The surge in the daily number of cases can be accredited to several reasons that are mentioned below:

1. Opening Economy:

With the opening up of the economy, the movement of people has increased multi-fold as compared to when lockdown was in place. The government on Saturday announced guidelines for what is called as ‘Unlock-4’. Giving a green flag to metro services from September 7, and allowing social, religious, political and other functions with a capacity of 100 people from September 21, a further increase in the growth rate of fresh infections seems likely in the future. Schools, colleges, swimming pools and other indoor activities to be remain shut. The validity of Unlock-4 stands till September 30.

2. Complacency among Individuals:

Despite continuous warnings to avoid social interactions except on crucial occasions, most people have gone back to their pre-pandemic lifestyle. Not-wearing masks, avoiding social distancing, lack of respiratory and hand hygiene, are some of the main reasons for such rampant increase in fresh cases and death toll.

3. Increased Testing:

According to the report by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 8,46,278 tests were conducted on Sunday taking the cumulative total tests to 4,23,07,914 till date. As the number of tests increase, it is likely that number of fresh cases will keep on
increasing. Though as the second-most populated country in the world, India’s death rate of 1.79% is comparatively lower to the global average 3.36%.

The total number of cases in India was at 36,16,730 as of Sunday whereas the number of patients recovered were 27,67,412. Active cases stood at 7,84,768 and the death toll reached 63,498.

Given the massive and ever-increasing population of almost 1.4 billion people, India, in the wake of coronavirus, is facing serious issues not only in the failing healthcare system but also falling prey to the ongoing global recession. All this combined with the pre-existing poor socio- economic conditions and the social distress caused by unemployment that increased multi-folds during the lockdown, are contributing factors to what seems like will be a very slow and difficult recovery for the country.

India, currently at the third position globally in total number of cases, is said to overtake Brazil and United Stated in another 6-weeks. The government will not be able to curb the number of cases at this stage and it will be more of an individual effort. What the government can do is check the death mortality rate while it is up to the people to stay alert and practice all norms
and guidelines issued by the government thoroughly.

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