How running can help you lose weight and a lot more!!!


How running can help you lose weight and a lot more!!!


Falling victim to obesity? Running is the answer. It’s unimaginable what a sprint can do for you in a day instead of pledging tons of money at the gym for shedding off those extra pounds. Possibly one of the simplest things one can achieve without following a complex exercise routine is a good old run around the town which apparently is a key to a lot more than just loosing weight.

1. Bye bye insomnia:

All you night owls, running could be the answer for you. Running and brisk walking both are known to not just help you fall asleep “ Faster” but also “Better”. It induces you to sleep and also improve the quality of your sleep thus resulting in a healthier
version of you, after all sleeping right is one of the best medicines you could give your body which in turn positively affects your metabolism and body’s mechanism.

2. Hello Happiness:

Running is a whole new mood! Feeling low? Well get those running shoes out and go for a small jog or run and you will be amazed and how much you feel better about everything. Running uplifts your mood as your body tends to release “Happy Hormones” known as endorphins and endocannabinoids in the scientific language, which gives you a happy high and this high doesn’t require you to light up a blunt but yes the effects are pretty similar. Big Win.

3. Burns Calories:

What people usually run for is to manage their weight. Instead of going through an elaborate routine of exercises just a 30 min run could help you shed weight without any added terms and conditions. Also once you are used to a morning sprit you will
feel there never was a more perfect start to your day.

4. Leg Day:

Well you don’t need to have a separate leg day at the gym at all. A run is serious leg workout in itself as it is a weight bearing exercise which means it works on toning your legs and calves and aids in shaping your legs too. There is nothing that isint targeted as running involves using all your leg muscles at once so there isn’t a spot that is not catered to.

5. Easily attainable:

Now unless you stay at a five star while on the go, you can hardly expect to workout. Running is especially useful as one hardly needs any equipment. Just a good pair of sturdy shoes and you can spare out time at any part of the day, so skipping workout isn’t even an option anymore.

6. Youth Secret :

How can we forget the wonders running does for your skin, because after all this organ is the largest one in the body. Running helps in increased circulation which increase the blood and oxygen flow. Ever noticed that beautiful after glow after a good
run? And it doesn’t stop here because regular running and exercising are also the secret to youth and can help one look younger because the skin tissues and cells tend to regenerate faster with regular running.

7. Strengthens Core:

Apart from giving you a complete leg workout, running also targets your core muscles and helps in toning your abs. Regular running can increase your stamina with time and also help in boosting your strength and immunity. While running looks much of a simple exercise there are a few pointers you need to remember just to avoid any injuries during the process.

• If you are a beginner make sure you slowly get to it instead of starting a running routine from the first day. Start with brisk walk and then jogging and eventually building your time for running.

• Avoid eating a heavy meal before you plan to run.

• Drink fluids before and also carry a bottle with you while running to sip on when exhausted. Since running makes one sweat make sure you go heavy with the fluids at all times of the day.

• Buy a sturdy pair of shoe in the right size to avoid any strains and injuries. This is  the only place where you want to invest in if you plan to take up running.

• Always consult your doctor before including the simplest of routines in your lifestyle.

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