10 Essential Things to Do as Soon as You Check-into Your Hotel Room!!


10 Essential Things to Do as Soon as You Check-into Your Hotel Room!!

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Whether you check-into a high-class luxurious hotel or a budget-friendly hostel or Airbnb, one thing is for sure. What you see as a neat and tidy hotel room might not be as clean as it looks. And guess what? In most cases, it is not. Yes, you should be alarmed and hold on to something as you read forward as this piece of information might change your perspective about a hotel room for once and all. So, get ready to witness a lot of mess, cringe-stuff and bugs under your bed!

1. Take That Comforter off Your Bed

Unlike the bedsheets and towels, it is highly unlikely that the comforter on your hotel bed is changed before your arrival. So, the moment you enter your hotel room, rip that comforter of your bed or ask for a fresh one. You don’t know what the earlier guests must have been up to.

2. Check Your Mattress for Bedbugs

Despite being well-kept and packed with fresh bedsheets, your bed might be home to some nasty little bedbugs which might turn your beautiful vacation pictures into ones with insect bites on your face and body. Even in high-end hotels, this might be a possibility. So, check thoroughly (pro tip – look for brown or black spots under the mattress and on its seam lines) and ask to
change your room right away if you find any.

3. Sanitise

Now that your comfy hotel bed is sorted, don’t stop there. There is still a lot to do. Next, wash or sanitise all the commonly touched objects like glasses, door and wardrobe handles, remotes (this is particularly the dirtiest object in your room), light switches, etc. So, carry a pack of anti- bacterial wipes with you.

4. Secure Your Room

Keeping cleanliness aside for now, you must pay attention to the safety of your room. Remember, its not your house and no matter how comfortable and luxurious it looks, safety comes first, especially if you are travelling with kids. Check your room lock, windows and safety vault and see if they work properly or not. Once you make sure that your room is secure, you can have a good night’s sleep.

5. Check the Room Temperature


Everybody likes a particular room temperature and while you must seem okay with it the moment you enter the room, that might not be the case when you are tucked away in your bed ready to fall asleep. So, its better to see if the weather controls of your air conditioner are in working condition from the get-go than to regret it later in the middle of the night.

6. Check if the Phone Works

Though it seems a menial thing to do, it will come in handy at a time of emergency. It is therefore, better for you to check the dial tone and the list of important numbers like the reception, housekeeping or the emergency digits.

7. Check for Cameras/Hidden Spots


As disturbing as it sounds, you are living in an unknown property and it is better to be careful than to be sorry later. Spots like under the bed, near the light sources, on the vases, wall plugs and smoke detectors are some areas to cross-check. Mostly such cases are seen in Airbnb but hotels are not full proof either.

8. Do Not Disturb

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If you don’t want the housekeeping or any hotel staff barging in on you unexpectedly then you must put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door knob as soon as possible. Otherwise, people might burst into your room and you will find yourself in a very awkward moment. But make sure to remove the sign in the morning so that you get your supply of fresh towels and a clean room.

9. Assess All Your Amenities


This item on the list will help you get through your vacation smoothly. Sometimes a thing or two is missing from the room by mistake and it will be a great opportunity for you to bring in to the notice of the housekeeping to provide you with them. It might be your tea or milk sachets, towels, tv remote, dental kit, toilet paper, etc.

10. Evacuation Plan

This is the generally most ignored item on the list but nonetheless is quite significant at the time of an emergency. Most people don’t even notice that they have an escape route plan stuck on the wall/door of the hotel room just in case there is an unforeseen event. Tragedies happen without any notice and while you are there for a relaxing holiday, you never know. So, it’s always better to be prepared beforehand.

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