How to decorate your work desk while working from home!!


How to decorate your work desk while working from home!!

Work from home sounded like a luxury until the trip from your bed to the work table became a total drag. At first we couldn’t control the joy of cutting down on our travelling time to work and getting up late, working in the comfort of pajamas from home and yes breakfast in bed, let’s not forget that. Now the total routine sounds just so bleh and we can’t help but miss our
cheerful office workstations. If you are sailing in the same boat here are a few ideas to spice up your table a bit which might pep up the whole work from home experience.

1. Add some greens:

The idea of placing a small indoor plant is really appealing. It infuses a sense of freshness and adds that pop of green to your work table. These are a great option to infuse some calmness at your work desk. Some of the popular choices are Ficus, Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, Aglaonema and Ferns. You can easily choose some online at amazon and even manage to choose beautiful brass holders for these beautiful plants.

2. Add some Colours too:

Add a pen holder or a colourful Mouse pad to amp up your workspace. Make sure this colour really stands out amongst the other things on your work desk to give your mood an uplift right away and also jazz up your spirits a bit.

3. Stickeys:

Use some stickers on a board at your work desk and put up important tasks that you have to do the next day. Also put up a little quote or maybe something that makes you happy so that every time you cast a lazy eye on it, it reminds you to smile and feel happy!

4. Art Wall:

Don’t you miss looking at the fun murals at work or maybe a wall filled up with you and your friends at work. Well you could make your own too. Add little pieces of art maybe a painting that you like, a motivating or funny wallpaper, or build up a collage of you and your friends to feel you are connected to them at all times.

5. Change the source of Light:

A beautiful addition to your workspace could be a cute table lamp or maybe a little artistic light right above the work station that makes the space appear all warm and cosy. It’s amazing to see how much difference a simple lamp can make to your workspace. Amazon and other online pages on Instagram nowadays have a vast collection of lamps that you could choose from.

6. Tug a Rug:

You will be quite surprised how adding a patterned floor rug could make the whole workspace come together nicely. You could add a check rug or maybe something with acetic patterns right under your chair so that you could rest your feet too and take off
your slippers and relax in your workspace.

7. Change that Mug:

I love sitting for work with a nice hot brewed cup of tea or coffee to get that caffeine in. Make sure you pick up a nice mug which adds up to your décor and maybe a matching coaster to avoid making a mess. It’s advisable that you choose a beautiful big mug that speaks convenience and style all in one.

8. Waste Basket:

How many times do you get up to throw that rolled up sheet of waste paper or maybe discard the candy wrapper. Well make sure you have a small yet artistic waste paper basket at the foot of your desk so that you have to look around to throw the waste. Wooden baskets or brass weaved baskets make great choices that not only make the work desk look aesthetic but also turn out to be pretty darn useful.

It’s amazing what adding just a little bit here and there could do to your work desk. My personal favourite is adding a small aroma diffuser too. This really helps to calm those nerve jitters and build up concentration too by clearing the mind. With ideas like these you would want to work all day!

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