Zostel 2.0: Bringing Zostel X Homes to You!!

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Zostel 2.0: Bringing Zostel X Homes to You!!

Recently, if you have been on a backpacker trip in India, you must have come across the word ‘Zostel’ as it is the leading and most likely the only luxury hostel chain in the country. Zostel’s hostels come with a guaranteed fun stay with fellow travellers in an inexpensive yet enjoyable manner. But what if you are not into backpacking and would still like to experience the Zostel life with your loved ones? Don’t worry because here is Zostel X, your home away from home.

The concept behind Zostel X is to give you an experience nestled in amazing places hidden away from the mainstream travel circuit, away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd. Take it this way – Zostel hostels are meant for the backpacker community or solo travellers while Zostel X is for you and your family/friends to spend some valuable time together, farther away from cities and closer to nature.

Confused? How come Zostel properties are meant for families? Well, Zostel X Homes is a relatively new idea and therefore, is still pretty uncommon and not usually heard about. But read ahead and solve all your queries because congratulations, you have just discovered a gem of a destination for your next vacation!

Here are some key points to remember before you choose Zostel X.

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 Zostel X properties can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. Single and multiple groups can stay at a particular property at the same time, as long as the total number of guests does not exceed 10.
 Although located in a secluded surrounding, the properties are situated in safe and secured environments. You can trust the brand name ‘Zostel’ for safety conditions.
 Only private rooms are available at Zostel X properties unlike the sharing dorm-type accommodation at the usual Zostel hostels.
 Both meal-inclusive and exclusive packages are available. Moreover, there is also self- cooking option provided at a nominal rate, giving it a homely environment for the families.


 The mode of transport varies with each property. To know about a selected property, you can visit its description page on Zostel’s website.
 Pick-up and drop services can be arranged on request.


PC- https://img.cdn.zostel.com/

 All Zostel X properties provide with purified drinking water.
 To give a more home-like experience away from home, services like room-service, valet parking and luggage service are not available.
 Guests can request special arrangements for birthdays and anniversaries. Indeed, a great way to celebrate love.
 A medical kit is ever-present at all the properties. Upon check-in, guests are also provided with emergency contact information.
 There will be a host present at all properties, 24×7. The hosts are comfortable in communicating in Hindi.


 Check-in timings: 1:00 pm
 Check-out timings: 11:00 am


Usually, there are four kinds of rooms available at a Zostel X property. But the options may vary depending on each property. So, it’s better to checkout the destination beforehand and then, book a room suitable for your need. The commonly available room types are:
 Double Deluxe Room
 Triple Deluxe Room
 Family Suite
 Luxury Rooms with Fireplace/Pool

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The rooms are designed keeping in view the culture of the place as well as your comfort with the best view possible. So, whether you are travelling with friends or family, you are guaranteed a peaceful and relaxing stay. Best way to unwind those nerves and take a break.


It will be unfair to you to quote a price here as all Zostel X properties differ in value depending on various reasons – the location, room-type, duration of stay, inclusive-exclusive packages, time of stay and what not. But just to give you a rough idea, here are some prices for specific properties.
 Mashobra, Shimla – Rs. 4000-6000/night – for 2 persons.
 Pushkar, Rajasthan – Rs. 2200-4000/night – for 2 persons.

 Manali – Rs. 3000-5000/night – for 2-4 persons.


PC- https://img.cdn.zostel.com/

Mostly, located in hilly areas, the Zostel X properties offer beautiful mountain views. Set amidst nature, surrounded by untouched beauty, you can make countless memories here and capture those moments beautifully too. Zostel X Homes are available in:
 Mashobra, Shimla
 Pushkar, Rajasthan
 Rumsu, Manali
 Dobhi, Kullu
 Laida, Jibhi
 Kotgarh, Shimla
 Shuru, Manali
 Kotkhai, Shimla
 Theog, Shimla
 Cheog, Shimla
 Rakchham, Kinnaur
 Tabo, Spiti
 Kibber, Spiti

Perfect for a weekend getaway with your dear ones, Zostel X Homes is your personal space to enjoy, away from all that daily hustle. As their hashtag says correctly, #LeaveYourWorldBehind! For further queries, or booking, visit their website https://www.zostel.com/homes/zostelx/

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