Best indoor plants for home Decor !!


Best indoor plants for home Decor !!

Adding a touch of green to your indoor décor has become a popular trend and for all the right reasons too. The office or the living room space nowadays feels incomplete without a friendly fern in the room. Though these plants tweak up the liveliness of the room, at the same time it is important to go for plants that are fuss free and indoor friendly. Here are some easy go to plants that will help narrow down your search for the ideal green for your space.

1. Snake Plant:

Possibly the most popular indoor plant with beautiful stuff vertical leaves that have a dull surface with little white streaks throughout the plant. These plants are an ideal source of oxygen as they help purify the air around them and yet don’t require much care. They are drought resistant and don’t need much light making them a great addition for indoors.

2. Money Plants:

These plants have been around since people didn’t even believe in the concept of indoor plants and most of us have seen these lying in the corners of our house, lovingly arranged in a glass bottle full of water. Money plant is a creeper that has thick flat leaves which can thrive in water well and can be planted in little pots too. They are known to bring in wealth according to deny shui as the name suggests.

3. The Palm Plant:

These are great for bigger spaces as these plants can grow upto a good six to seven feet in height and the tree branches into thin branches which occupy quite some space. The Palm tree needs little sunlight to grow and would look great in a corner making it look full of greens.

4. The Algonemas:

If you need an indoor plant that has more colours that just the usual greens then this is what you have been looking for. With heart shaped leaves of luscious pink and green colours, this plant can spice up your space with all the right colours you are looking for. One of the best parts about this plant is the factor that it grows really slow, so a plus side would be it’s going to be around for a long time.

5. The Lucky Bamboo Plant:

These plants hold more than just aesthetic value as they as considered lucky for the space that they are in as per Vastu too. These plants are perfect to be placed on side tables or can be placed in small brackets in the wall as they just need a little glass bowl to grow. These plants grow well in water and one can completely avoid using soil in their case.

6. Peace Lily:

The big dark green leaves of peace lilies really work well in contrast with almost every indoor colour. The plant has a rich dark coloured flat leaves with beautiful large white flowers which survive in low light conditions too. Since these are foliage plants,
even one of these in a pot can really light up the space.

7. Ferns:

Ferns are a great low maintenance option which have been around for the longest period of time. These can be even hung on ceilings and balconies and they have hanging leaves that look great when placed at a height too.

8. Aloe-Vera:

Now if you need a plant that speaks usefulness and greenery then Aloe Vera would be the best suited plant for you. This plant has been known for benefits which are innumerable and yet looks elegant when placed indoors too. Though the plant has long
vertical thick leaves which are slightly poky, it brings in the right positive vibe that suits every indoor space.

Apart from these there are quite a few others that you can turn to, however these are the top few plants which can be your go to options since they are low on pocket and effort yet serve more than you could have bargained for.

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