Simple and easy floral Rangoli to chose from this Diwali !!


Simple and easy floral Rangoli to chose from this Diwali !!

Who doesn’t want a bright vibrant rangoli sitting proudly at the entrance, decorated with Diyas right outside the door when it’s Diwali? However if aren’t much of an artist yet want an easy peasy way out then floral rangolis are for you. Not only do these rangolis look beautiful and colourful, but they are made in no time at all. Now if you are looking for some ideas to arrange these flowers in a rangoli, then here are some really easy designs to light up your Diwali !

1. Square Floral Rangoli:

All you need for this simple rangoli is flowers of your choice of different colours. You can even include some mango leaves and the all time favourite orange petals which are the mark of Diwali coupled with a few rose petals and some white jasmine flowers. Start by making a small square and fill it in with orange petals. Create a boundary with green leaves. Then mark another square around the boundary with white. Depending on the choice of flowers and colours available you can keep on increasing the size of the square!

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2. Corner Floral Rangoli:

Now everyone pictures Rangolis to be round or square, but what if you don’t have that much space available? Well go for the corners. Choose atleast 3 colours of your choice. You could start by placing a pot of water in the middle where you can use floating candles. Start by drawing mini half circles with flowers of different colours till you achieve atleast 4-5 layers. Decorate the ends with round circles filled with flowers of your choice.

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3. Round Floral Rangoli:

This might look as if it took a lot of time and effort to make this piece of art but really it is as easy as any other. It’s best suitable when you have a large porch area to make this kind of a rangoli. Start by making a small circle in the center or place a large flower in the middle. You could even place an artificial flower in the center. Gradually draw circular boundaries around each circle you create with different colours. You could even use grass, leaves or any greens you like to fill up the gaps and layer the rest with petals of different colours as per choice. It’s best to decorate these with diyas or candles on all sides.

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4. Swastik Rangoli:

This is one rangoli that covers more area in less time. You want something that looks auspicious and colourful this one has got you covered. Start by using big marigold flowers to make a swastik right in the middle and then create a boundary around it. You could fill in the gap with petals of your choice and then increase the boundary layer as per choice. These look best in square as it compliments the shape of the Swastik.


5. Om Rangoli

Similar to the Swastik one, this one has a big round Om right in the middle to begin with. We suggest you write the letter Om with big flat flowers for ease – roses or marigolds are ideal for this. Fill In the spaces with different coloured petals and draw boundaries of every circle separately with different variants. However this is one of the simplest designs you could find which can be made with as little as two coloured flowers.


6. Geometric Floral Rangoli:

If you have a little more time at hand, then trying out these fun geometric patterns can actually be very appealing. We would recommend that you start by drawing out the geometric shapes with chalk and then fill in each box with petals of your choice. Here is an ideal one that looks beautiful yet is easy.


7. Border Floral Rangoli:

Now If you want something that doesn’t get in the middle of people’s feet, then creating a border rangoli is an ideal choice as it occupies less space yet gives the overall area a fuller look. Start by focusing on the corners of the place where you want to make a rangoli. You could make a horizontal long block filled with flowers and decorate as per choice.

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No matter which rangoli you decide to go with make sure you end up decorating it with a lot of diyas and flat candles because that is what really makes the rangoli’s stand out in the dark.

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