Loreal Paris Men Expert Face wash – Review !!


Loreal Paris Men Expert Face wash – Review !!

Are you tired of carrying around a separate face wash and then a body wash to go along with it and then also carry a something that takes care of the beard too. Well here is a product that combines not just 2 but all 3 of your needs effectively in one bottle that serves the purpose of all in wash by Loreal. After using the Loreal Men products you might feel you have found your skin’s match because they have everything that you need right here. Today we are reviewing the Loreal Men Expert Barber Club Face + Hair + Beard Wash 3 in 1 wash. 

Price and Quantity

INR 450 for 200ml

Product Claims

Rich in natural essential oils, Barber Club Beard + Face + Hair 3-in-1 Wash from L’Oreal is the best choice for gentle, daily cleansing care for your facial hair, hair and scalp, and face.

For your beard: Washes away beard flakes and dandruff, removes residue, and eliminates odors, leaving your beard feeling soft and smooth.

For your face: Deeply cleanses and gently purifies your skin.

For your hair: Cleanses and conditions, leaving your scalp feeling comfortable. In case of discomfort, reduce frequency of application.

How to Use

Every morning, apply warm water to your beard, face, and hair and massage the cleansing gel to a foaming lather. Rinse off.


The bottle comes in an elongated brown colour with a pump packaging that speaks of convenience. One can pump out the desired quantity and the rest of the product remains untouched which promotes product hygiene.


Like the other products from this range, the face-wash smells quite masculine and has cedar-wood scent as the base which leaves a faint scent behind after its rinsed off. 


The face wash comes  in a thick creamy form that lathers up really well. One needs just half a pump to cover the entire face and a little quantity is enough to cover the entire face and beard. The product produces thick lather which is quite moisturising and once its rinsed off it leaves a faint fragrance behind. The face-wash can be used as a hair and a body wash as well which makes it a convenient product to travel with as it does the work of 3 products rolled into one. 

After rinse this face wash does not strip the skin off it’s natural oils and leaves the skin free from oil and residue and deeply cleanses the beard as well. 


  • A three in one product 
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not strip the skin off it’s natural oils
  • Leaves a heavenly fragrance behind
  • Deeply cleanses 
  • Lathers easily
  • A little quantity is needed


  • Dry skin people might need to follow up with a Moisturiser right after this face wash. 


I would recommend this product mostly to normal and combination skin people as it moisturises the skin and doesn’t strip off the oils however one might need to follow up with a moisturiser to seal the hydration in. 

Rating : 4/5


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