About Me

Hey People, I’m Ayushi Lekhwani, a Social Media Influencer from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, residing in Noida for last 9 years with a passion for travel. Back in 2011, I moved from Ujjain to Noida after completing my graduation to develop a more flexible lifestyle. I always wanted to follow my dream to travel to new places and I did the whole “give up everything and travel for years” backpacking trip in my 20s, but now with a work in the social influencer marketing, I have seen people living their dreams. I never knew that the pictures that I have clicked, the memories that I have while I was travelling for last 9 years to different places in India would be actually a platform to live my passion.
I still travel on a budget, but have done my share of dorms, overnight buses and instant noodles. Today my travels come with a touch of luxury – proper beds, Lifestyle , Food Reviews, internals flights and a good glass of wine included. Please join me as I share my travel tales, tips and photos – Email for Collaborations or find me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.